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On a mountain bike tour with Bike Guide Karwendel

Tours with Bike Guide Karwendel take you to the most beautiful bike spots and vantage points in the Karwendel - with many small trail detours off the usual routes.

Even if the name is a bit narrower: The mountain bike tour and course area of Bike Guide Karwendel goes far beyond the mountain ranges east of Mittenwald and Krün. But many guests and passionate bikers start with a mountain bike tour in the Karwendel, for example on the classic tour. Then we are mostly on the road in Tyrol, after all, the majority of the Karwendel mountains are there. Other trails and tours also lead us through the Werdenfelser Land, including the Wetterstein and Ester Mountains near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or into the Inn Valley and south of it into the Wipptal, Obernberger Tal and Pfitscher Tal in South Tyrol. North of Mittenwald and Krün, Bike Guide Karwendel is also on the move in the foothills of the Alps at Walchensee, the Jachenau and Murnauer Moos.

The tours usually start in Krün or Mittenwald on the edge of the Karwendel mountains. Bikeguide Karwendel will also pick you up from your accommodation or hotel (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Elmau, Kranzbach, Walchensee...) or from the train stations in Klais and Mittenwald (biker station) away.

Mogul meadows and magic clouds

The panoramic 360° view at various spots in the upper Isar valley is almost unsurpassed in terms of landscape, for example from the Buckelwiesen near Krün. In this area north and west of Mittenwald via Krün to Wallgau, there are not only wonderful, easy tours past our lakes, but also a variety of challenging trail jewels that Bike Guide Karwendel will drive with you. Our practice areas and spots for driving technique training are also located here. And hundreds of years ago the Romans drove through the meadows and forests of Mittenwald and admired the clouds of the "weather kitchen" of the Wetterstein or the gentian of the Buckelwiesen in spring. In Klais they left wagon tracks that can still be seen today and which we pass.

Mountain bike tour - Karwendel circuit

However, the impressive limestone walls of the Karwendel mountains contain the most beautiful contrasts, the natural monuments, huts, alpine pastures and slopes are the most worthwhile daily destinations. We are here in largest nature park in Austria in the realm of golden eagles, red deer, chamois, sycamore (soils), gentians... A unique experience being able to be out and about on your bike here and the scenery at one of the wonderful rest areas at the Karwendelhaus, Pleisenhütte, Falkenhütte, Soiernhaus, Kastenalm and Pumsjochhütte enjoy. The classic one is legendary Karwendel tour with Bike Guide Karwendel, today there are a few variants through this mountain range that are at least as rewarding, sometimes require more driving skills or take a bike & hike to a small summit. Even with an e-bike you need time and endurance, the effort is always worth it.

water is life

Water always plays a special role on our tours in the mountains: waterfalls, pools for bathing, erosion and forest roads washed away, natural river courses - the Isar can get really wild between Wallgau and Vorderiss. But dried-up streams in midsummer also characterize the picture and make the classic Karwendel tour a little easier, because Fermersbach and Bärnbach can possibly be crossed with dry feet. If the bottle is empty and the hut beer is still a long way off, then in the Karwendel we always find drinking water and a lake, a pool or a pool to cool off - water is (new) life...

Experience, fun and enjoyment...

... are the three ingredients of a mountain bike tour with Bike Guide Karwendel. The tours are planned according to the respective participants and designed with hut stops, breaks and viewpoints so that we reach the finish with a big grin.